Weekend on a Budget

This month Mr. Practical and I are taking a note out of the Frugal Foodie’s Book, and are having our own Purge Month. We aren’t going to eat every meal at home, but we are limiting ourselves to $400 of “Fun Money,” to spend on whatever we want for the month ($200 each). $200 might sound like a lot, but that’s roughly $50 per weekend.

Is it impossible? Of course not! And this past weekend, even with friends in town, which gave us an extra excuse to dine out, we had a great weekend on a budget and didn’t eat at home once! Still don’t believe me- read on!


First stop- The Blind Pelican on St. Charles
To give our friends a taste of Louisiana cuisine, we took advantage of the Blind Pelican’s 25 cent oyster Happy Hour Deal ($3 for a dozen). Because we had such wonderful, generous houseguests this treat ended up being free.
Total: Free

Second stop- Bacchanal Wine
Leaving St. Charles, we went to this Bywater gem to enjoy some music, wine, and the beautiful Fall weather.
Total for one bottle of wine: $18.50

Third Stop- Pizza Delicious
Another Bywater establishment, Pizza D is simply…delicious. And for $2-3 per slice, you really can’t beat it. Or that was my plan at one point. Just don’t order when you’re hungry, as your bill will suddenly include a large salad, and some garlic knots….maybe a cookie or two…
Total for dinner for two: $29.42

Fourth Stop: Bar Tonique
When you have friends in town, you gotta take them to the Quarter, but if you want to skip out on the Hand Grenades and get a decently priced drinks, I would suggest Bar Tonique, which has craft cocktails, wine, and daily specials.
Total for two drinks: $11.95


First Stop: Shake Sugary
Only open on Saturday and Sundays, this quaint bakery has delectable pastries and desserts like apricot turnovers and maple, bacon biscuits.
Total for four pastries: $13.79

Second Stop: Rouses
Our second stop of the day was to get a bottle of wine for a Halloween party at a friend’s. We also added on a spring roll. (I should never shop when I’m hungry).
Total $13.39

Third Stop: Krewe of Boo
A free Halloween parade complete with candy throws proves you’re never too old to trick or treat.
Total: Free

Fourth Stop: Dis Taco at Molly’s at the Market
Wanting a snack between the parade and the party, we hopped on over to Molly’s for a two delicious quesadillas and fish taco.
Total: $10

Fourth Stop: Halloween Party
With free tunes and free food (my wonderful friend cooked Shrimp Creole in exchange for the wine we bought at Rouse’s) our Halloween has never been this festive.
Total: Free


First Stop: Stein’s Deli
Nothing beats a delicious cream cheese bagel from Stein’s at $2 per bagel.
Total for two bagels: $4

Second Stop- CC’s Coffee
Needing some caffeine I stopped in this coffee shop for my favorite weekend indulgence.
Total for one tall latte: $3.35

Third Stop- The Saints Game at a friend’s house
There’s no better way to watch the Saints game on a budget. And when your friends bring snacks- you’re really in for a treat! Note to self: budget to buy snacks for the next game- just because I budget doesn’t mean I’m cheap!
Total: Free

Fourth Stop: Breaux Mart
The second to last stop of the evening was to buy contributions for a potluck dinner.
Total for apple pie ingredients and wine: $17.53

Fifth Stop: Potluck Dinner
In exchange for my $17.53 worth of wine and pie, we also consumed pasta, a butternut squash tart, lentil soup, and brownies.
Total: Free

When I actually tallied up everything over the weekend we were, admittedly, over our target of $100. However, it was a big weekend, and this just proves the point listed in Budgeting 101 that you should only budget 85-90% of your total paycheck to account for those emergencies when you just need some garlic knots, a spring roll, a latte, or snacks for the Saints Game!

Recap of the Budget Purge Weekend #1
The Pelican Bar- free
Bacchanal Wine- $18.50
Pizza D: $29.42
Bar Tonique: $11.95
Shake Sugary: $13.79
Rouse’s: $13.39
Molly’s: $10
Steins” $4
CC’s: $3.35
Breaux Mart: $17.53
Total: $121.93 ($60.97 per person) #onlybudget90% #justbecuaseIbudgetdoesn’tmeanI’mcheap

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