Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

It’s December 9th and if you’re like me, you’re in full panic mode.  You’ve only bought a third of your presents, and your credit card bill is already over  budget.

Wait, nope, that’s not me. And, no, I’m not gloating, because, that was me just this past weekend. But now you’re in luck, because below I have listed finds from my weekend of shopping mayhem, and guarantee you that you’ll be able find something for everyone who is your list..from the shopper to the music snob to the gourmand to the office colleague.

The list contains recent finds I plan to give to a few lucky people, some of my favorite gifts I’ve received over the years, and even some items on my wish list. So don’t give up before you started, and don’t stockpile up on the Ramen and peanut butter yet-  as all the items are under $50. That’s right- just call me Mrs. Claus.

For the Philanthropic One: How about a gift with soul? Not only is this scarf beautiful and hand-knitted, but 20% of each purchase will be donated to charity. I recently got a soul scarf for my birthday from the Promo Queen and my brother and can’t stop wearing it. Beautiful, soft, fashionable, and charitable- there’s no better gift for this giving season!


For the Chef: A garlic press, might not seem exciting, but trust, me this Rösle garlic press was one of my favorite wedding presents. The easy-to-clean and easy-to-press contraption (you don’t even have to peel the cloves first) is the Mercedes of the garlic presses, and the perfect indulgent gift for someone who wouldn’t normally spend $45 on a garlic press.


For the Baker: If you have that loved one who makes the best cookies, and who you’re always begging to whip them up for you, how about getting him/her a wonderful silpat cookie liner? Originally developed for French pastries, this non-stick sheet doesn’t require grease, rolls up neatly in a drawer, comes in various shapes and sizes, and will guarantee you a batch of your favorite treats pronto.


For the Fashionista: Take the advice from the Promo Queen and head to Bauble Bar for a statement necklace like this tortoise deco necklace, or browse the large selection of rings, earrings, and bracelets.


For the Reader: I love to read, but lately haven’t been compelled by many books I’ve picked up, that was until my mother lent me her copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. If I had one word to describe this book, I would say delightful! I didn’t want to put it down, and at $11.51, you’ll want to order it tonight. A charming read, that will be the perfect escape for the post-Christmas blues!

For the Spa Goer:  Shopping this past weekend in Hattie Sparks I came across this heavenly candle. And at $38, it’s a perfect instrument to help you de-stress after a long day, and perhaps in a bath as the Single Shopper suggests…


For the Life of the Party: While also shopping at Hattie Sparks, I came across some gems from Ameila Presents like a stainless steel flask for $27 ,and this magnetized bottle opener for $16. One magnet keeps the opener on the fridge, while the other magnet catches the bottle cap. Practical and aesthetic, I think every girl will allow her man to keep this opener on the fridge…or put it there herself.


For the Techie/Student: Also from Amelia Presents, this wooden, hand-crafted USB flash drive is the perfect choice for those who work with computers, or for the student who has papers to write.


For the Foodie: How about a set of salts from around the world? With a beautiful cedar display, these salts are a great choice for the adventurous cooks in your life, and might even guarantee you a dinner invite.


For the Sports Enthusiast: Don’t be predictable and give your sports enthusiast a hat or jersey- instead give him/her team socks. Quite versatile, your sports enthusiast will be able to wear them to the office under pants or on game days. Mr. Practical gave sock as gifts to his groomsmen of their favorite sports team. Yes, he may be practical, but he did spend over $100 on socks…


For the Traveler: Help your traveling loved one eliminate lost keys, jewelry, and loose change in hotel rooms with this travel tray. One of my favorite gifts of all time, the travel tray is easy to pack in a suitcase, backpack, or carry on. Trust me, I’ve taken it with me to the beach, to France, and even to Vietnam.


Or, if your traveling friend is super organized or a light packer, what about a world scratch map?

For the Music Enthusiast: For the the music-lover in your life who is always introducing you to new bands, consider buying a ticket stub diary, so he/she can keep track of his/her concerts. To make it even more personalized, include a ticket to a show you both attended.

For the Writer: One of my favorite birthday gifts I have ever received is from my sister, who compiled and bound all the articles/emails/blog entries I have ever published or written while abroad. Thoughtful, kind, and something I will always treasure.

For the Office Colleagues/Neighbors/Teachers: Put a spin on the cookie presents by giving friends a cookie dough tin. I saw this on Pinterest earlier this year, and plan on making this a reality very soon.

I hope you’ve found something for someone on your list with these ideas, which can be bought from the comfort of your very own couch, hopefully while drinking hot chocolate, cider, or wine and watching Christmas movies! Any other ideas that we’ve missed? Let us know!


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